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Year of the Haircut: "Dry-Cut Shag” with Jesse Linares of Sam Villa


Monday, March 5, 2018

Year of the Haircut: "Dry-Cut Shag

with Jesse Linares of Sam Villa
$10 Members  \  $35 Non-members  \ 2 CEHs

Fashion week has been telling us that the shag is coming back for years and right now, it’s hitting the public eye full force.  This isn’t just a refresher course on the 70’s staple shag, it’s a reinvention with a more modern aesthetic and approach to get results faster and easier.  Discover and interact with Jesse Linares, Arteam Member for Sam Villa, as he walks you through techniques that can be easily translated to many other haircuts used every day in the salon.  Don’t find yourself unprepared for this quickly trending shape, discover both the eye and the technique necessary to be ready as the Modern Shag makes its way into your salon.

University of Aesthetics 
1037-1043 Curtiss St. 
Downers Grove

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