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Photoshoot Ready Bleach and Tone with Tom Dispenza and Dee Jovanovic


CC First Mondays Presents

Photoshoot Ready Bleach and Tone

with Tom Dispenza and Dee Jovanic of Chromastics

Monday, October 15, 2018

6pm - 8pm  |  2 CEHs

University of Aesthetics
1037- 1043 Curtiss St. Downers Grove, IL

Learn how to improve your blonding skills as we share with you proper prelightening steps and precautions, choosing the correct tone to correspond with the achieved lightness, and maintaining the look for your client. 

It’s all about double process! There is more to double process than just bleaching and toning. Texture, depth, eye color and skin tone all play a part in the final achievable result. Not everyone can be a platinum blonde, but when you pay attention to all of these characteristics you’ll be able to take your client to the lightest possible tone and still maintain the quality of the hair. Tom’s tips for bleaching and toning will help you to become an expert double-processed. 

Dee will have a live pre-done model for you to see. She will also share some bonus tips and tricks to help you achieve a flawless photoshoot!

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